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Subject: Be warned: VET COMP & PEN MEDICAL CONSULTING   Subject: Suspicious Legal...
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What We Do

The California Council of Chapters (CALMOAA) provides direct and indirect support to affiliated chapters and is an effective platform for supporting the military community.

From time to time defense analysts claim monies used to fund benefits should be directed to the war effort, that entitlements do nothing to promote recruitment and retention. We have a professional obligation, indeed a mission, to extend influence, and help safeguard the earned entitlements of our members. In addition, we need to share our thinking on how our nation’s security can best be provided at home and abroad, specifically by insuring that resources can be better matched to mission requirements.
Our organization, with its leadership and members working together, demonstrate a caring attitude far from the self-centeredness and narcissism of the present age, with a focus on serving the military community.

Affiliated chapters and members are urged to support CALMOAA efforts by providing financial, material, and human resources, within the context of active participation in Council affairs.

We encourage MOAA members throughout California to demonstrate an interest in strategic goals, make talents, skills, and abilities available, and work for mission accomplishment. It can be a very self-satisfying experience.

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