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Subject: Be warned: VET COMP & PEN MEDICAL CONSULTING   Subject: Suspicious Legal...
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Member Stories

The "Member Stories" featured on the home page are designed to engage visitors with human interest stories, rather than to just recite what CAL MOAA is and does.  That information is available on the "About Us" page.

What we need are real stories  about real people  who have served our Country with honor and distinction.

If you have a relative (living or dead) with a compelling military story, we would very much appreciate you sharing with us.  I will personally review all submissions.  If we choose to use your story, you will be notified.

To submit your story (copy and pictures), please start HERE

To refer this page to another member, please click HERE.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation. If you have any questions, please me.

John Sammons

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