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The California Council of Chapters (Cal-MOAA) Military Officers Association of America roots date back to around 1929. It was first known as the Retired Officers Association (ROA)but there also was a Reserve Officers Association with the same acronym (ROA). Accordingly, a change was made for this association to be known as The Retired Officers Association (TROA). However, it was well after World War II before a multitude of Chapters and Councils came into being.

California at first had two Councils, a Northern and a Southern and consisted of the Chapters geographically located within the respective Council areas. In the early 1980's it was decided that for better coordination of the efforts from California a one Council for the state would be more effective. Accordingly, this came into being in late 1984. In doing so, however, to coordinate with and for the fifty some individual Chapters the division remained between those in the North and those in the South.

The concept of a Northern Region and a Southern Region was adopted and the line of division basically a West to East one located just North of San Luis Obispo. Then again in the mid 1990's the coordination of Chapters was revisited. The result was a further break down into eight geographical areas. The early 2000's found the National Organization interested in having the broad membership being reflected within the organizational name. So beginning in January 2003 the official name became Military Officers of America Association.

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