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About Us

To All Our Affiliated Chapters:

The California Council of Chapters (CALMOAA) welcomes you to our new website. We are "One Powerful Voice" as an organization and this website is an extension of our activities throughout the state. Thank you for visiting your CALMOAA website. We continue as an organization to work together to make a real difference for all of the military community, both active duty and retired. All Officers of all the branches of the uniformed services are welcomed to join our organization. Today we have over 40 chapters and over 40,000 members in the state of California. We are "One Powerful Voice" for our members. We also are involved in the maintaining of a strong national defense for our country.

Each local chapter provides monetary support for the CALMOAA council. The Council is the entity which provides support and assistance to our chapters. This website is representative of the support. This website is your website to utilize as your support for various items that are on the website. There are a number of Chapter Newsletters on the site. We encourage you and the Chapter Leadership to review them for new ideas, speakers, and activities. We also highlight job opportunities for individuals in conjunction with National MOAA's TOPS program.

In conjunction with MOAA National we represent "One Powerful Voice" to our nation's leaders. We present our views on national defense, and earned benefits of our military retiree population. Remember your benefits were earned by faithful and loyal service to our country. CALMOAA and MOAA National are committed to maintaining those benefits for our military community. This site also provides updates and discussion opportunity with fellow CALMOAA members on key defense and benefit issues.

CALMOAA is organized with 8 Area Directors who have responsibility for Chapters in their respective geographical areas of the State. Many are former Chapter Presidents who have extensive experience in the managing of Chapters. If you are a new member and need to know where a chapter is located please contact the appropriate Area Director. We also publish local chapter newsletters for your review. Area Directors meet with Chapter boards to provide advice and counsel in the management of our chapters. They are the key link between the individual chapters and CALMOAA. The Council Leadership is in place to provide state wide support and is a key link to MOAA National. The Council meets formally two times a year and all the Area Directors and Executive Committee are present to discuss key issues and programs for the good of the chapters. We are here to support individual members and chapters.

Again, thank you for visiting your site. Please utilize this website as a means of gaining additional information on MOAA. There are: Blogs, job postings, newsletters, and key points of contact. We truly are One Strong Voice for the Military Community.

Robert Q. Ramirez

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