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California Council of MOAA California Council of MOAA
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California Council of MOAA

California Council of MOAA
California Council of MOAA

If you or someone you know is in receipt of benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs...
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California Council of MOAA
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California Council of MOAA
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    Non-Profit Sponsor

    Non-profit EnCorps "flips" traditional teacher accession models by bringing experienced and passionate STEM professionals as volunteers into California's classrooms.

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    Robert Lee Council, Broker
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    Contact Person: Robert Council
    Telephone: 925-548-0089
    Contact Email: CA2FLBROKER@YAHOO.COM

    Non Profit Dynamics
    Corporate Sponsor

    Since 2006, has been providing website and e-marketing services to faith-based, social service and veteran organizations lacking skills necessary to compete for identity and support within their respective communities.

    Through seven iterations of his proprietary software, Mr. Leonard has helped dozens of charitable organizations advance their mission with incredible technology, ingenious marketing, and amazing energy.

    In the process, they have raised more than $500,000 though cash donations, sponsorships, advertising, ticket sales, and in-kind donations.

    Contact Person: Joe Leonard
    Telephone: 843.297.8597
    Contact Email:
    Sponsor Website

California Council of MOAA
California Council of MOAA
California Council of MOAA
California Council of MOAA