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> From Edith Smith, MOAA Surviving Spouse

> HR 1594:  Three House Committees of Jurisdiction for the Repeal of the SBP/DIC offset.  I spent some time compiling statistics that may be helpful in educating your Member of Congress.

> House Armed Services Committee  (HASC)  63 Members...

> 66% are co-sponsors of HR 1594  (42 of 63 Members)  (6 of 7 Subcommittee Chairman - Dr. Heck supported by holding a Hearing)

> Personnel Subcommittee 14 Members - 11 are co-sponsors (71%)...(not co-sponsoring - Rep. Heck, NV;  Cook, CA; (retired Marine Col.), and Speier, CA

> House Appropriations Committee, Defense Subcommittee  68% are co-sponsors ---16 Members  5 are not co-sponsors  Frelinghusen, NJ, Chr.; Visclosky, IN, Ranking Member;  Aderholt, AL; Diaz-Balart, FL, Graves, MO (I did not research the whole Committee.)

> House Budget Committee  36 Members - 15 co-sponsors (42%)  The budget Committee does not have subcommittees...

> The percentages are a good representation - enough to pass in Armed Services and Appropriations...if they would vote their co-sponsorship...we just need to make quantity contacts to make your voices heard.  I would say that the Members are educated and support on principle...the Members need to know their constituents have a strong desire to have successful passage by the House.

> Co-sponsors can't be registered until after the election...but the more co-sponsors, the more compelling and more competitive the bill is for funding.  I hope someone will check my math!!



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