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Subject: Be warned: VET COMP & PEN MEDICAL CONSULTING   Subject: Suspicious Legal...
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Retiring 4 star reflects on an Army career

Reflecting back over the course of more than three decades of wearing the uniform of a United States soldier, I remain humbled and in awe of the outstanding soldiers and civilians who comprise our force, thankful for the unique experiences and tremendous opportunities the Army afforded me, and deeply appreciative of a wonderful and loving family who supported and sustained me through it all.

Forefront in my mind is the state of the Army profession. Since receiving my ROTC commission from Virginia State University as a second lieutenant in May 1980, the Army has faced unprecedented challenges and uncertainty around the globe. I am always amazed, but never surprised, at the way our soldiers rise to every challenge and remain adaptable and agile in an ever-changing, dangerous and highly complex world.

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